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Sarah J Buck, Eden Energy MedicineI have always been interested in natural approaches to healing. At some point during the 1990s, I found myself experiencing powerful results on various massage tables, at the hands of workers who made mysterious references to energy. I didn’t know what they meant by “energy,” but it felt great, and a few of these people seemed incredibly accurate in assessing whatever happened to be ailing me at the time. I would rise from the table feeling comforted, refreshed, even elated. But I always had some apprehension, for I knew that when I reentered my world, ordinary stresses could easily derail me, and I would lose my all-too-temporary bliss.

“What can I do for myself?” I asked these various healers. I never got a real answer to that question.  Sometimes they suggested of change of attitude or diet, or an increase in the frequency of appointments. Never did they suggest that I, myself, could tap into that apparently magical energy, in order to find my own mystical, natural balance.

One day, in a bookstore, I noticed a title I could not resist: Energy Medicine. The author was Donna Eden. I had no idea who she was. I leafed through Donna’s book with amazement, reading vivid descriptions of her direct interactions with specific energy flows and patterns. I had experienced some of the things she was describing, but had never seen them explained. And there was more: throughout the book, Donna insisted that it is our birthright to, each of us, work with our own energy for self-healing. I was flabbergasted. Right here, in addition to fascinating stories, were specific instructions telling me exactly how to move my own energy. This was the key to what I had thought impossible. I knew that I needed to learn from this amazing person, whoever she was.

Because my children were young, it was a few years before I could get to a class, so I used the book, and later the videos, to work on myself in my own home. Long before I could feel the subtle energy itself, I felt the beneficial health effects of the work. I cannot recall when it was that I began feeling the sensations of the actual subtle energy, but what I do know is that it came with the persistence of doing the work. I can also tell you that the sensations grow over time, and they make my daily work and experience ever more delicious.

I started taking classes in late 2005, and it was not long before I dared hope, and then believe, that I could work not only with my own energy, but also with the energy of other people. I had a master’s degree in counseling, and had worked in that field, exclusively with survivors of sexual assault, before having my children. I loved that work with a passion, but it also took a toll, for I didn’t know energy work at the time, and didn’t know how to clear the trauma I often found myself personally absorbing from the difficult stories I heard every day. Being a full-time mother, I always knew I wanted to return to a helping profession when my children got a little older. I just didn’t know what it would look like. Energy work became the answer to that question

I enrolled in Innersource’s Two-Year Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, in its inaugural year, and graduated in February 2008. Following my graduation and certification, I attended several advanced classes in Eden Energy Medicine, got trained as an Instructor of Energy Medicine for Women, and attended a Practitioners’ Conference. In August 2010, I successfully completed the One-Year Clinical Practicum (Year 3), and went from being a Certified Practitioner to becoming a Clinical Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine.

I work faithfully with my own energy, every single day. Sometimes it’s as simple as doing Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine, an important foundation of the work. Often it gets more involved than that. I also make it a priority to regularly receive private sessions from other trained practitioners. As essential as I consider it to work on my own energy, there are times when another person’s touch (and different perspective) adds a vital dimension to the work. All of this experience informs my work as a practitioner.

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