Individual Session Possibilities

  • Quickie Energy Balancer
  • Testing of your basic energy systems
  • Personal instruction in the Daily Energy Routine, to activate and organize some of the most basic energy flows; Plus: additional exercises tailored to your needs
  • Chakra clearing – the Chakras are swirling, circular energy centers that hold our energetic history, and deeply inform our physiology, psychology, and spirit. Through simple clearing and balancing methods, we can move out stagnant energies and bring greater harmony to the system as a whole. 
  • Assessment of the Aura, the body’s protective energetic atmosphere, with methods to clear, strengthen, and refresh this very important and vital field. Some of these methods will also strengthen the Celtic Weave, which elegantly connects all of the body’s energy systems through a dynamic spiraling web of harmony and communication.
  • Meridian balancing – the Meridians are pathways of energy that ebb and flow, connecting to one another in an intricate network that is contained within and profoundly influences our physical body. Acupressure is one approach I use (in addition to other methods) to balance the meridians.
  • Balancing techniques for Triple Warmer, which governs, among other things, the “fight or flight” response (particularly significant in today’s challenging environment). I love finding ways to calm, comfort and befriend this incredibly protective and overworked energy force.
  • Balancing of the Five Elements and their interrelationships, which deeply permeate our personal energy with a vibrational imprint at every level 
  • Activation of the body’s Extraordinary Flows, or Radiant Circuits, which are a powerful source of joy and profound wellness
  • Neurovascular session – Neurovascular points are found mostly (but not entirely) on the head, and send energetic, meridian-related messages through the bloodstream. They are particularly sensitive to a very gentle touch, and can be held softly for less than a minute or up to an hour, for emotional release and deep relaxation.
  • Deep or Revitalizing Electrics Session, where we use the hands (no external instruments) to tap into the body’s own personal electrical system and activate healing

Any combination of the aboveand lots more.

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