What Happens in a Session?

  • I will teach you a series of simple exercises, the Daily Energy Routine, known to activate some of our most basic energy flows, helping them to organize and flow in more beneficial patterns.
  • I will teach you skills to help you feel more vibrant, increase your energetic resilience, and reduce your vulnerability.
  • I will teach you how to be energy-tested, giving us an easy way to check many energy flows. Energy testing involves placing gentle pressure on muscles (in the arms or legs), and using a strong or weak response to assess the flow of energy.
  • I offer hands-on energy interventions, where you lie on a comfortable table (fully-clothed), while I work directly with your subtle energy flows.*
  • A typical appointment lasts between 1 and 1 1/2 hours
  • Cost: $90 per session

* How do I work with your subtle energy flows?

In a typical private session, after checking in and testing some of the basic energy flows, you will have the opportunity to lie on the table (fully clothed), for hands-on work. This generally begins with a “Quickie Energy Balancer,” where I trace, hold, or rub some basic energy points and flows, for the purpose of general clearing and balancing. Then we move into deeper work, based on what we found in the testing, or other agreed-upon criteria.

Subtle energy systems that we may address include: the Meridians, the Chakras, the Aura, the Celtic Weave, the Five Elements, the Radiant Circuits (or Extraordinary Flows), Triple Warmer (which governs, among other things, our “fight or flight” response), and the body’s Electrical System. A typical session usually touches on at least three (or four) of these systems.

I might:

  • Hold acupressure points on your skin (with gentle pressure)
  • Move my hands in a circular motion, several inches away from your body, for the purpose of clearing and balancing chakras, or other energetic areas
  • Move my hands in a more sweeping fashion, either touching your body or a few inches away, for the purpose of activating, balancing, or encouraging a particular energy pattern to flow (we have many patterns in our energy body).
  • Hold two different areas of the body (energetic and physical), for the purpose of helping the energies of those areas connect, communicate, and flow.
  • Trace beneficial patterns into your energy, such as infinity signs, diamonds, and heart shapes (they really do make a difference!)
  • Assess areas where energy has become caught or painful, and then find ways, based on my training, to help it become unstuck.

I will often test some area of your energy, before and after an intervention, to determine whether the intervention has made a difference (and adjust accordingly).

I will frequently ask for your feedback, and I will always be open to it. Your feedback, on the effects and sensations you experience, are important clues for how we should proceed with the work. If at any time you want me to stop, just tell me and I will stop immediately.

I will always give you homework, simple exercises or postures you can use to improve or maintain your energetic balance. Your energy homework will be based on what we find with energy testing, and what you notice that does and does not help. What you can do for yourself, on a daily basis, is an enormously vital part of reaping the benefits of Eden Energy Medicine.

You will get far more out of this work if you read Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine (available at most bookstores, and also through Innersource)


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