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Swimming the Aura – video is up!



I am thrilled to finally have my first YouTube video finally out there! My dear friend Jeannie was the smiling person behind the camera, helping me stay on task, and my clever offspring helped me set up my YouTube channel – Balancing Room.

In this first video, I demonstrate an exercise Donna Eden gave me in January 2007, which I named Swimming the Aura. It was opening night at a certification class, where Donna had just led the entire room through the Daily Energy Routine. She looked into the audience and saw in me what I already knew – that my aura was still detached and depleted, though we had all just done an exercise that for most people strengthens the aura (Donna’s Celtic Weave). She pulled me up on stage and gave me this simple technique to try, which instantly connected my aura to my body and also gave it a feeling of substance that until then I had never detected. Mind you, I had been faithfully attempting to build and weave my own aura, several times a day, for about 3 years at that point. Before learning this exercise, it felt as though I was moving my hands through thin air, never finding any energy to connect with. Swimming the Aura gave me substance and connection very quickly. After I have done the exercise, there is a very tangible energetic lusciousness in my aura that I can weave and work with, tracing beneficial shapes into it, adding art to it according to my own daily creative impulse. And it is connected to me – not just wandering around somewhere nearby!  🙂

Our aura is our body’s energetic atmosphere, with many important jobs. One of these jobs is protection. The aura, when healthy, is securely attached to the physical body, is free of holes, spreads at least a foot beyond the fingertips when arms are extended, is filled with figure 8s and infinity signs, and has a fresh, lively resiliency. It helps protect us from energies we don’t need, lets us take in those we do need, helps us release what is ready to leave, and facilitates a back and forth communication with our environment. It does much more, but this is plenty for the current discussion!

When the aura is detached and/or depleted (mine was both), it tries its best but can’t really protect you. Despite my own best efforts, I constantly found other people’s unidentified sorrow and pain bombarding my eyes (hard to describe, but real), and I was quickly drained in the presence of even the smallest groups of people. This was a problem in my life, since I have always attended many concerts, kids’ events, museums, classes, farmers’ markets, libraries, grocery stores, meetings – you name it. I had places to go and people to see, and the price was usually exhaustion to the bone. Even joyful or loving energy is too much, if you are already feeling overcrowded. When the aura is detached, there is open space between your aura and your physical body, and uninvited, unneeded energies can flow in. The same can happen if your aura is collapsed, depleted, wispy, or has holes. There really is such a thing as too much energy – it doesn’t have to be inherently negative. Too much is too much, and a healthy aura will help protect you from the too-much-ness that most of us encounter in today’s world.

Swimming the Aura had an immediate and dramatic healing impact on my aura, which quickly overflowed into my busy life. I suddenly found myself loving crowded events that once would have wiped me out, and my eyes became wonderfully free of the enormous human sorrows that used to latch onto them.

Donna herself quickly forgot about the exercise soon after she gave it to me, never mentioning it again until I reminded her of it at an advanced class three years ago. But I have shared this exercise with more people than I can count. I wrote it up in a hand-out, a few years ago, that I will post here soon. I named it Swimming the Aura, not only because I am a swimmer, but because it feels to me that I am actively swimming my aura to resiliency and connection. I am not swimming in it – I am swimming the aura itself. My aura is being swum to resiliency. That is how it feels to me. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Almost Autumn,



thoughts on balancing



I have long been fascinated by Philippe Petit. He’s the guy who, in the summer of 1974, managed to illegally attach a steel cable high between the Twin Towers of the not-quite-finished World Trade Center, and then stunned people on the street a quarter of a mile below by walking, reclining, running, and dancing on that swaying, sagging, terrifying wire for 45 minutes. Wow. I had recently graduated from high school, and I was appalled by the terrible, shocking risk he took, but thrilled by his outrageous daring confidence and his perfect utter balance. Not to mention the beauty of that elaborate dance on the wire. I could not imagine having any of that. Ever. Still can’t. This is fine.

Mr. Petit considers himself an artist, not an athlete, and he called his Twin Towers adventure “the artistic crime of the century.”

When I met Donna Eden for the first time in 2005, I was sick from a not-yet-resolved concussion, and distraught over the loss of a cherished friend and mentor who had died earlier that very day. I was disappointed in myself and embarrassed that I couldn’t arrive in a more healthy and balanced state to meet this amazing healer whose Energy Medicine book I had already read several times. I participated in spite of myself, and shortly thereafter signed up for Donna’s certification program, going with the hope that if she said I could learn this work, then maybe I really could. No matter how wobbly I felt. So there.

Philippe Petit didn’t start out with an innate knack for staying safe and steady on a high wire. What he began with was an innocent delight in magic and a burning love of beauty. He got thrown out of five schools when he was a teen in France, because he was busy being his own teacher, learning what he needed to learn. When he taught himself to walk a wire, he didn’t stick with safe conditions. In training for his more daring walks, he got friends to surprise him on his practice wire – yank on it, rock it back and forth, do anything they could to knock him off his balance so he might find his equilibrium at a stronger level.

Donna Eden didn’t become a world-renowned healer by inheriting a body with easy health, or by living a life of perfect harmony (thank goodness). She started with a beautiful glittering joy and a deep loving empathy, but wellness was a struggle. Donna learned how to heal because she herself needed it. Seriously ill when she began, she grew her resilience, teaching her own energy how to connect and flow and weave into healthy, sturdy patterns. She rebuilt, even recreated, her own previously fragile and depleted aura.

There’s no shame in getting knocked off balance. The world we live in provides plenty of opportunities to wobble and fall. Always. I think we require it as a species. We are not meant to stand still.

When I am feeling out of sorts, whether from illness, a difficult interaction, overwork, or other stress, I am at my best if I remember I am in training to find my greater resilience. (Sometimes I remember and other times I forget.) The difficulty, whatever it is, might be just like Philippe Petit’s good friends swinging at the sagging rope to try and knock him off, helping him build his own core of balance and safety, all for the sake of his art. I think of Donna Eden, never losing hope when she was at her sickest, putting her hands on her thighs to see the energy waken and flow if only for a few moments before she had to remind it again to connect, slowly and persistently carrying herself into vibrant health.

This is what I strive to learn and hope to teach. I’m not seeking a secluded island of balmy weather, beautiful food, like-minded friends, and agreeable politics. I enjoy all of these things, but I don’t think the island exists, and if it did, I don’t think I would breathe very well there. It wouldn’t feel honest. If I need to be in an ideal environment for my energetic balance to hold, the work itself has less meaning. Energy balancing is not an end result. It’s about finding the ability to bounce back with an ongoing, ever-changing resilience. My aim is to let it be art.


~ Sarah J. Buck


Donna Eden will be in Cleveland on May 7th!







Dear Friends,

I am so excited to remind you:

Our wonderfully joyful energy medicine teacher, Donna Eden, will be in Cleveland to teach a 3-hour class on the evening of Wednesday, May 7th!

Donna Eden is a gifted, brilliant healer who has taught many thousands of people from all parts of the world to help themselves through simple energy tools, using their own hands.

I have been studying and using Donna Eden’s work for over 10 years, and it has changed my life. I began by learning her Daily Energy Routine. While I am now an Advanced Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine, I return to that simple routine at least once a day to refresh and organize my basic energies. Donna will be teaching this routine at the May 7th class.

I hope you will come. It is an amazing experience to be in the same room with Donna Eden. I have never met anyone so overflowing with joy and love, and I have learned more from her than I can describe.

Date: May 7. 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 6:30 to 9:30 pm (doors open at 5:30)
Place: DoubleTree Hilton, Cleveland East, Beachwood, Ohio 44122
(Address is: 3663 Park East Drive, Beachwood;
Off of I-271 — Chagrin Blvd. Exit —
DoubleTree is visible from I-271, making it very close to the exit.)
Cost: $65 – General Admission

Register at:

Let me know if you need me to talk you into it. 😉

Happy Spring, everybody! I think it’s finally here! 🙂


Donna Eden at DoubleTree Hilton in Beachwood May 7, 2014



What’s a Session Really Like?




People sometimes ask me what it’s like to have, say, a chakra session, or an acupressure session.

The truth is, a session with me is almost never strictly a chakra session, strictly acupressure, or strictly focused on any one system or one specific protocol.

When you come to my studio, I’ll ask a few questions about what you are looking for, or what feels painful or otherwise uncomfortable to you. Your answers (the shorter the better, usually) will give me clues about which energy flows might be calling for attention, and I’ll do some simple energy testing to check out my hunches. Energy testing involves the use of a muscle (usually an arm or leg) to get answers about the energies, through firm or weak responses. Clues grow from there.  Based on what we find in the testing, I may show you a simple thing or two you can do to balance your energy in that moment, before you even get on the table. For example, if your arm goes weak when you read aloud, I will probably teach you the Wayne Cook exercise, which helps unscramble our energy. We’ll then retest, to see if the exercise helps you read and simultaneously keep your strength. If the exercise makes you strong on reading, that will become a piece of your homework. If you remain weak, we’ll explore further.

We could probably spend an entire day testing energy flows and doing easy exercises, but most people really want to get on the table, and I love working with you on my table. So you’ll get up onto my comfy table (I’m not a massage therapist, but I do have a nice massage table), and I’ll start working directly with your subtle energies. You will be fully clothed for this (with shoes off), so it’s a good idea to wear something comfortable.

The clues you’ve given me help determine how I work with your energies. Let’s say you tell me you’re facing painful loss and sorrow in your life. That’s enough information for me to find it a good idea to check both your heart chakra and your lung meridian. The chakras are one energy system, and the meridians are another energy system. When a meridian (e.g., lung meridian, which can carry the emotion of grief) shows imbalance, acupressure is one approach we might use to help balance its energy. Sometimes I use other approaches for the meridians, such as tracing the flow of a meridian, or holding the flows of two different meridians to encourage them to communicate. If your heart chakra shows weakness or blockage, I might gently clear that chakra, using my hands a few inches away from your body. I may hold certain points on your head, with a light touch, to help soothe the feelings of grief. Just in this hypothetical session, I am likely to tap into at least three energy systems, which may all affect or be affected by the experience of loss.

In a different hypothetical session, if you tell me you have anger that you don’t know how to be rid of, there are other energy flows I’ll be likely to check.  I will probably want to test your solar plexus chakra, and your liver and gallbladder meridians. I might test to see whether you simply have too much energy crowding you; if so, I can show you an easy way to release the excess. I may check a couple of the extraordinary flows that help us connect with others.

If you describe a struggle with experiencing too much empathy, in the form of taking on the painful feelings of those around you, I will want to check your aura and your central meridian, as a start.

Or it could be that, in all of the above situations (and more), I will get an intuitive hunch that we should look at something entirely different.

Whatever we check, and whichever energy flows and points I end up working with, I will always be interested in your feedback. What feels wonderful to one person may feel uncomfortable to another, so it is important that you tell me if you want more of one approach or less of another. One thing I have learned over and over with energy medicine is that one size does not fit all! And, honestly, it is where we differ that usually excites me the most.

Finally, before you leave my office, I’ll make sure you’ve learned a few simple poses or exercises to help you maintain some feelings of balance or yumminess you have found on my table. I always have paper and pens handy, and I’ll encourage you to write down your homework in the words that make the most sense to you. When you come back for another session, I’ll be very interested to hear what your experience has been with the homework, and we will build on that. If this sounds like an approach that works for you, I hope you’ll give me a call!


~ Sarah J. Buck


Photo by Marilyn Osborne of Kamm’s Corners



Build Love



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In the face of hateful acts, more hate will not help any of us. Anger is justified and understandable, but it is meant to be moved through and released. It is not helpful to reside in anger or become the anger. Hate cannot accomplish good, and it cannot turn things around for the better.


I would rather build love. Love is a real and tangible vibration that we can all build.


Here are two ways to build love in your energy:


Place one hand over your heart center (on your sternum), and place your other hand on the top of your head, gently connecting with your baby soft spot. Breathe and invite love.


Use your hands to trace heart shapes anywhere and everywhere. They carry the vibration of love, and the more you trace them, the more tangible they become.


When you move your hands and intention in beneficial patterns, the energy tends to join you.


~ Sarah J. Buck



Balancing Room Offers Eden Energy Medicine for Vibrancy, Resilience, and Comfort




In the quaint 1927 building on the Cleveland side of Fischer Road at 16903, something extraordinary happens. People learn how to work with their own energy to feel better in Balancing Room, founded by Sarah Buck, Clinical Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine.


For more than four years, she has been teaching people to understand the body as an energy system, to recognize their aches and pains as signals of energy imbalance, and to reclaim their natural healing capabilities. “Energy medicine is especially helpful for those who give of themselves in their work,” Sarah explained. “Public workers, parents, home helpers, social workers – really anyone who is routinely exposed to other people’s pain and trauma.”


With a master’s degree in counseling, Sarah previously worked exclusively with survivors of sexual assault. During that period, she noticed the great benefits she received from a good massage and the increased energy that flowed afterward. But, it always dissipated. So, she sought information about how to tap into that magical energy and make it last. She found it in a book: Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. In it, she learned how each person can keep his or her own energy flowing. Next, she completed a twoyear rigorous certification program and a one-year practicum. A Clinical Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine, Sarah is now at the end of training for Advanced Practitioner. She offers individual sessions and classes on how to activate and balance each client’s basic energy flows with techniques to feel more vibrant every day.


An initial session begins with a conversation and basic assessment of the client’s energy flows. Simple energy tests are performed to identify strengths and imbalances. Then, the client lies on a table (fully clothed), while Sarah works directly with the subtle energy flows, encouraging the energies to reach greater connection, balance and comfort. At times she is touching the body, and at other times her hands are a few inches away from the body, depending on which energy patterns are being addressed. Lastly, energy exercises are provided with training enough so that the client can perform them at home to increase resilience and vibrancy – and improve mood.


Sarah also offers small classes for those who tend to the needs of others – Energy Medicine for Those Who Give, and also Energy Medicine for Women, relating to hormonal energy. Details are at To make an appointment, call 216-221-8833.


Article by Marilyn Osborne, originally published by Kamm’s Corners


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