Balancing Room Offers Eden Energy Medicine for Vibrancy, Resilience, and Comfort




In the quaint 1927 building on the Cleveland side of Fischer Road at 16903, something extraordinary happens. People learn how to work with their own energy to feel better in Balancing Room, founded by Sarah Buck, Clinical Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine.


For more than four years, she has been teaching people to understand the body as an energy system, to recognize their aches and pains as signals of energy imbalance, and to reclaim their natural healing capabilities. “Energy medicine is especially helpful for those who give of themselves in their work,” Sarah explained. “Public workers, parents, home helpers, social workers – really anyone who is routinely exposed to other people’s pain and trauma.”


With a master’s degree in counseling, Sarah previously worked exclusively with survivors of sexual assault. During that period, she noticed the great benefits she received from a good massage and the increased energy that flowed afterward. But, it always dissipated. So, she sought information about how to tap into that magical energy and make it last. She found it in a book: Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. In it, she learned how each person can keep his or her own energy flowing. Next, she completed a twoyear rigorous certification program and a one-year practicum. A Clinical Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine, Sarah is now at the end of training for Advanced Practitioner. She offers individual sessions and classes on how to activate and balance each client’s basic energy flows with techniques to feel more vibrant every day.


An initial session begins with a conversation and basic assessment of the client’s energy flows. Simple energy tests are performed to identify strengths and imbalances. Then, the client lies on a table (fully clothed), while Sarah works directly with the subtle energy flows, encouraging the energies to reach greater connection, balance and comfort. At times she is touching the body, and at other times her hands are a few inches away from the body, depending on which energy patterns are being addressed. Lastly, energy exercises are provided with training enough so that the client can perform them at home to increase resilience and vibrancy – and improve mood.


Sarah also offers small classes for those who tend to the needs of others – Energy Medicine for Those Who Give, and also Energy Medicine for Women, relating to hormonal energy. Details are at To make an appointment, call 216-221-8833.


Article by Marilyn Osborne, originally published by Kamm’s Corners


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