What’s a Session Really Like?




People sometimes ask me what it’s like to have, say, a chakra session, or an acupressure session.

The truth is, a session with me is almost never strictly a chakra session, strictly acupressure, or strictly focused on any one system or one specific protocol.

When you come to my studio, I’ll ask a few questions about what you are looking for, or what feels painful or otherwise uncomfortable to you. Your answers (the shorter the better, usually) will give me clues about which energy flows might be calling for attention, and I’ll do some simple energy testing to check out my hunches. Energy testing involves the use of a muscle (usually an arm or leg) to get answers about the energies, through firm or weak responses. Clues grow from there.  Based on what we find in the testing, I may show you a simple thing or two you can do to balance your energy in that moment, before you even get on the table. For example, if your arm goes weak when you read aloud, I will probably teach you the Wayne Cook exercise, which helps unscramble our energy. We’ll then retest, to see if the exercise helps you read and simultaneously keep your strength. If the exercise makes you strong on reading, that will become a piece of your homework. If you remain weak, we’ll explore further.

We could probably spend an entire day testing energy flows and doing easy exercises, but most people really want to get on the table, and I love working with you on my table. So you’ll get up onto my comfy table (I’m not a massage therapist, but I do have a nice massage table), and I’ll start working directly with your subtle energies. You will be fully clothed for this (with shoes off), so it’s a good idea to wear something comfortable.

The clues you’ve given me help determine how I work with your energies. Let’s say you tell me you’re facing painful loss and sorrow in your life. That’s enough information for me to find it a good idea to check both your heart chakra and your lung meridian. The chakras are one energy system, and the meridians are another energy system. When a meridian (e.g., lung meridian, which can carry the emotion of grief) shows imbalance, acupressure is one approach we might use to help balance its energy. Sometimes I use other approaches for the meridians, such as tracing the flow of a meridian, or holding the flows of two different meridians to encourage them to communicate. If your heart chakra shows weakness or blockage, I might gently clear that chakra, using my hands a few inches away from your body. I may hold certain points on your head, with a light touch, to help soothe the feelings of grief. Just in this hypothetical session, I am likely to tap into at least three energy systems, which may all affect or be affected by the experience of loss.

In a different hypothetical session, if you tell me you have anger that you don’t know how to be rid of, there are other energy flows I’ll be likely to check.  I will probably want to test your solar plexus chakra, and your liver and gallbladder meridians. I might test to see whether you simply have too much energy crowding you; if so, I can show you an easy way to release the excess. I may check a couple of the extraordinary flows that help us connect with others.

If you describe a struggle with experiencing too much empathy, in the form of taking on the painful feelings of those around you, I will want to check your aura and your central meridian, as a start.

Or it could be that, in all of the above situations (and more), I will get an intuitive hunch that we should look at something entirely different.

Whatever we check, and whichever energy flows and points I end up working with, I will always be interested in your feedback. What feels wonderful to one person may feel uncomfortable to another, so it is important that you tell me if you want more of one approach or less of another. One thing I have learned over and over with energy medicine is that one size does not fit all! And, honestly, it is where we differ that usually excites me the most.

Finally, before you leave my office, I’ll make sure you’ve learned a few simple poses or exercises to help you maintain some feelings of balance or yumminess you have found on my table. I always have paper and pens handy, and I’ll encourage you to write down your homework in the words that make the most sense to you. When you come back for another session, I’ll be very interested to hear what your experience has been with the homework, and we will build on that. If this sounds like an approach that works for you, I hope you’ll give me a call!


~ Sarah J. Buck


Photo by Marilyn Osborne of Kamm’s Corners



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