Build Love



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In the face of hateful acts, more hate will not help any of us. Anger is justified and understandable, but it is meant to be moved through and released. It is not helpful to reside in anger or become the anger. Hate cannot accomplish good, and it cannot turn things around for the better.


I would rather build love. Love is a real and tangible vibration that we can all build.


Here are two ways to build love in your energy:


Place one hand over your heart center (on your sternum), and place your other hand on the top of your head, gently connecting with your baby soft spot. Breathe and invite love.


Use your hands to trace heart shapes anywhere and everywhere. They carry the vibration of love, and the more you trace them, the more tangible they become.


When you move your hands and intention in beneficial patterns, the energy tends to join you.


~ Sarah J. Buck



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